Thursday, July 21, 2011

Last Night...

Last Night I was frantic... Three papers due, two dishes, one drink, one man.  I was over extended.  So I went to the store, bought $50 in ingredients, and quickly rushed home to begin the marathon... that's right ladies and gentlemen, I cooked and did homework last night.  I know it seems I never sleep and always have fun and games, but I have a 3.75 average while working and having a social life.  That 3.75 doesn't come from thin air.  So I started a pot of Columbian Stew called Sancocho, and typed up two papers for Spanish.  The Sancocho must be Spanish for shit that sprays everywhere, because in the course of cooking, it got all over my kitchen even with a lid on it. 
Picture of Colombian Chicken Stew: Sancocho Recipe
The Stew is made of a whole chicken, one yucca, two plantains, 5 potatoes, two leeks, one small onion, corn cobs cut into thirds, and a puree medley consisting of cilantro, Sazon Goya con Azafran, three carrots, one hot pepper (I cheated and used a habanero, sue me), and 1 each red and green bell peppers.  You add the purree to 12 cups of water, for 30 minutes, then every 15 minutes add chicken, plaintains and yucca, and corn and potatoes.  While it cooked I finished my papers and went to bed.  In the morning I reheated the soup, and made another dish called arroz con coco.   The dish consists of rice cooked in coconut milk, and fortified with sugar and coconut flakes.  It is served in Venezuela as a dessert.  I took both to class today as part of a Spanish presentation, and they were a Hit!  I got a 98 and a 95 on the Spanish presentation my group did, largely because of the food (I think).  As I was driving home in my car to finish a few forgotten assignments, (like this) I realized two things: I'm glad I took this Spanish class despite the challenge, and I'm a fool with the tools! (Galen swings a soup spoon and measuring cup around his index fingers)


  1. A 3.75 really doesn’t come from thin air. Good job, man. As far as the dishes go, they sound like they are really good, but I don’t have as much of a taste for intricate dishes as I do simple ones. My dad is a culinary instructor, so I was raised around dishes similar to this one, but I really crave plain old mac and cheese and such. I like the sound of chicken with corn and a few of the other ingredients, but you lost me with habanera. I’m not really into the spicy food, and since I have such a low tolerance, I usually am craving a drink or anything as soon as the spices hit my tongue. But it’s just not my cup of tea. The coconut dish sounded much more to my liking, though I imagine it is more of a dessert than anything else? I could be wrong.

    I’m glad you did well in your class though, and I can see why based on all the work it sounds like you put into writing and cooking. I definitely hear you on the last minute stuff. This semester is wrapping up fast, and really it seems to be all papers and presentations for the last few weeks. But I’m sure if you put as much time and energy into your finals as you do with your individual projects, you’ll do just fine. Good luck!

  2. Two A's, nicely done. I've never been able to make Hispanic food very well I don't know how anyone does it. I can't stand peppers so I don't use them, maybe that's why. You've got quite the busy life there, nice writing.

  3. See you're a better multi-tasker (don't think that's a word but hey) than I am. I can't even make rice and do homework at the same time it's either one or the other. The dishes sound pretty good though. You made it all sound so easy!