Thursday, July 21, 2011

Where Irish chickens go to die.

Two nights after the sleep travesty that was The Place, Collin, one of the late arrivals, asked me to come out for some beers.  I couldn't get a straight answer as to who was going, but I had never been to the bar in question so I reluctantly agreed. 
The bar was called Paddys pub and eatery off of Cobb Parkway and I knew a girl who had worked there.  I called and asked her what was good, and she suggested the shepards pie.  When I arrived I met Ginnie and Collin, who swear they are not a couple, yeah right, and David and Alyssa, my direct supervisor and his girlfriend.  I made a joke about it being couples night, and David goes, "oh, by the way, Chris and Ellyse are coming too."  Fml.  I order a Guiness and ask what everyone is having.  I can smell a putrid smell coming from Alyssa's dish which I later learn is salt and vinegar chips, litterally soaked in vinegar, gross.  The guys are all eating wings, which are all you can eat, brought out three at a time.  We all order the wings, and talk about the old days when we all worked together.  Chris was let go after a safety incident, but as fate would have it, works at Lowes.  So you could say we were sleeping with the enemy, or at least grabbing a bite with them.  The beer was good, the wings were average, and the service was subpar.  But getting the rare chance to cut up with one of my best friends, Chris, was a pure delight.  Ellyse complained of gaining 6 lbs, which is funny because she is a size 2.  Allyssa is pregnant, which explains her poor taste in food, but she still smiles and isn't too hormonal thank the gods.  Ginnie is quiet, and judgy, as she frowns on most of what I say. David is David, he is the butt of jokes, yet is good natured and feigns indignity at some imagined sleight every minute.  Collin keeps us laughing with witty references and off the wall wisecracks.  It is really late, and I know I need to go home, but I stay for another beer, just to savor the moment.  I'll be heading off to law school soon, and moments such as these are fleeting.  It is just me, my friends, and great memories floating in the air at Paddys off Cobb Parkway.

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