Thursday, July 21, 2011

A night on the town

The weekend of the 10th, I was sitting in my room when a friend called and asked me if I wanted to go out. Such invitations are rare so of course I said yes. So, around 9pm, I am laying in bed reading a book, when I remember the invitation. I texted this friend and asked what time we were meeting up. The text read, "NOW!" I quickly took a shower, threw on all black and raced over to a bar off of Sandy Plains Rd called the Place.

The Place is a mix between an all wood southern bar and a sleazy karaokee stage cum dancefloor.  I greeted my friend Jeri and the other Department Managers who were in attendance.  Everyone worked at Home Depot, and I became friends with the people there when I myself was a Manager.  Jeri, Kim, John, Tiffany and John were all in attendance.  One John is my age and another is in his late 30s.  The young john had invited his friend out with us, he works as an accountant and I had met him on another occasion although his name escapes me.  Anyways, our server came and took my order which ended up being a rum and coke and a budweiser.  This is a standard tactic of mine, because servers at bars are notoriously slow, and having a beer at hand gives you a fallback to drink while you wait for refills.  So I take it easy lounging in my chair watching my friends cut up when I hear that Kim started drinking with young John at 4pm.  John has a high tolerance for alcohol, but Kim is wasted.  She fervently tries to get Jeri to go out on the dancefloor jerking her arm.  Jeri says no repeatedly, and as she turns around to face the table, Kim grabs her arm with both hands and jerks her towards the dancefloor.  Jeri's stool goes flying out from under her and she and Kim go crashing down to the floor.  Jeri gets up, anger in her eyes, and straightens her shirt, picks up her stool and sits back down facing the table with a fake smile on her face.  I look her straight in the eyes and say for the whole room to see, "Don't worry Jeri, no one was looking."  Everyone in the room died laughing... I blew her a kiss to take the sting off of my joke at her expense, and looked up to find Kim grinding on my leg... "Um... guys...please... help?"  Jeri is watching and laughing, everyone else is averting their eyes, and Kim is just grinding against me happily wearing away layer upon layer of my diesel jeans.  Later, we have several associates in our age group show up, Ginnie, Collin, and Lauren, which livens the party.  So by this point, we have all had a few too many to drink, everyone is dancing on the dancefloor and everyone is having fun.  The guys are all reluctant to come out, even Tiffany's boyfriend who has just arrived, Tim.  Me and older John do our best at dancing with 3 or 4 women at a time.  By the end of the evening everyone is tired and worn out.  The next day I work at 8am.  It the time is 2:15am.  When you are in college and working full time, you have to get your social time in where you can.  So despite the terrible sleep deprivation, when I get that call, I roll.

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